MN308 Statistics and Quality Engineering, and
EC381 Probability in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Spring 2008


CAS MA 225 (multivariate calculus). No previous experience with probability is assumed.


This very fundamental course deals with the nature, formulation, and analysis of probabilistic situations. We will introduce fundamental concepts in probability, stochastic processes, and statistics and apply them to study topics from quality engineering. As we develop the key principles, we will discuss problems from several application areas to demonstrate the extraordinary breadth of the material. We will however, focus on applications in detection theory, and quality control methods, and touch upon some design of experiments (off-line quality control) concepts.
May not be taken for credit in addition to ENG EK500 or CAS MA 381.


Yannis Paschalidis
15 St. Mary's St., Room 221
yannisp at bu dot edu

Course Information

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Matlab m-files are available here (password protected).


Lecture Notes and Problem sets

The lecture notes are based on earlier notes for this course by Prof. David Castanon.