MN755 Communication Networks Control

Spring 2006


Some background in probability and stochastic processes (e.g., at the level of SC534 or MN714), some modest background in optimization (e.g., at the level of MN524/SC524), and some degree of mathematical maturity, OR consent of instructor.


The objective of this course is to provide a systems and control perspective into communication networks research. It will emphasize fundamental systems issues in networking and survey a variety of techniques that have recently been used to address them, including, queueing theory, optimization, large deviations, Markov decision theory, and game theory. Topics will vary from year to year, depending on recent developments in the field. Some illustrative topics include: Network Services and Layered Architectures; Performance Analysis in Networks; Multi-access communications; Routing; Traffic Modeling; Traffic Management and Congestion Control; Flow Control and TCP/IP; Network Economics and Pricing; and Scheduling and Resource Allocation in Sensor and ad-hoc wireless networks.


Yannis Paschalidis
15 St. Mary's St., Room 144
yannisp at bu dot edu

Class Meets

Tue,Thu 2:00pm-4:00pm, Location: TBA

Course Information

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Lecture Notes and Problem sets

Lecture notes will be posted (in postscript) within a day after each lecture. If you work in a Unix environment ghostview should be available. In all other environments (MS Windows, MAC, etc.), and in case you don't have a postscript viewer, you can pick one from the net.